Before we started composing backing tracks, we started out writing music to other peoples lyrics.
We were approached by quite a few people who were either poet's or people who could write lyrics but not music. They either needed something special for a particular event or simply to sing along to. So after consultation with them to find out what type of song they would like, ie genre, feel, etc, we set about writing music for them.

Please see our testimonials below where you will also find samples of some we have done.
As we part own these tracks, our clients have kindly let us offer them for sale providing they are re-arranged somewhat so as to differ slightly from the original.

If you are interested in any of these or simply want us to compose music for you, please get in touch by email and we will get back to you to discuss your needs.

                              Music to Lyrics Testimonials

Autogun - Our client wanted an 80s feel and let us simply get on with it.
'The Custom Backing Studio did a sterling job; we ordered another one straight after, Jeff from Yeovil'.

Come Over Girl - This one was a dual collaboration; both Lyrics and Music were written between ourselves and our client...

Living in a War Zone - 'This is the second one I ordered from the Custom Backing Studio, again I wanted an 80s Asia type song heavy on keys, well impressed, Jeff from Yeovil'.
Destiny - Our client specifically did not want any percussion; she wanted a simple ballad type of song with keys and strings being dominant.
It's awesome, simple just as I asked so my vocals can come through easily, Rita from Oldham'.

Elaine - A 'sit down at the piano' type of song was requested with light backing. This was an emotional one to do as the lyrics were very personal.
'Worked out a treat, I am not a singer but I simply needed to play this over and over in my bedroom, Russ from Manchester'.

I Got Lucky - We had many requests for a Blues Type number so anyone can play Lead Guitar, Keys or any other Lead Instrument over it. Quite a few have purchased this one.
'What more can I say, I just did not have the time or the means to do it myself, Graham from Oldham'.

Te Quiero - (I love You)This was both a Lyrics and Music request for someone who got married to a South American Girl in America; they wanted a Santana type song.
'We played this at our wedding reception, it was the first song on that we danced to together, it capped off a magical day, Todd and Jeannie from Florida'.

Won't you Stay with Me - A ballad request in the type of an 80's Bill Nelson, with Melodic Lead Guitar and Piano.
'Very Good, very very good, Gabrielle from Austria'.

If it's a Tear - 'French sounding like a France Gall number' was the request. Must admit we had to do some research on this one.
'They played it beautifully, just what I wanted, Pascal from London'.

The Nursery - A Child requested this one, she wrote some lyrics down and wanted music young children could relate to.
'Thanks to the Custom Backing team, over the moon, Emma from Liverpool'.

Lover of the Old School - Tricky one this one, the lyrics represented an important period in this persons life at school, he wanted it laid back, Jazzy but not too heavy.
'I just keep playing it and hum the melody constantly, Kee from Saddleworth'.
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